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Steam activated carbon
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Steam activated carbon

1) Product information:
      1.1) General Features
            Steam activated carbon, the material which is mainly unshaped carbon element, has a wide range of functionality because of its porous structure and large surface area formed during stage of inner activation.Under the electron lens, a grain of activated carbon looks like an ant net; gross surface area of activated carbon’s 0.5kg is even larger than a football yard. Accordingly, absorption capacity of steam activated carbon is strong and well-retaining to gas, liquid and other organic molecules.
            Additionally, with the hardness nature of natural grain, high mechanical endurance, low ash content, less regenerative loss, steam activated carbon is effective in use.
            Trabaco’s steam activated carbon is produced from granular coconut shell charcoal by physical method, steam activation at temperature of 8500 C-950C.
            The quality of product is strictly inspected during activation process by automatic and semi-automatic equipment which can absolutely meet customer’s requirements on demand.
       1.2) Target Customers: 
            + Industry of food and agro-product processing
            + Industry of food processing
            + Manufacture of military anti-toxic masks
            + Exploitation of mineral, gold refinery, steel refinery
            + Manufacturing industry of chemicals, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals
            + Purification of drinking water, tap water, industrial waste water and civilian water.
      1.3) Product Quality-Specifications:
             a) Physical Features
                     - Shape:                     Unshaped
                     - Color:                       Typical black
                     - Water solubility:         Nil
                     - Solvent solubility:       Nil
                     - Moisture:                     5% max
                     - Ash:                            3% max
                     - Hardness:                  95% min
                     - PH:                           9-11
                     - Ignition point:            Above 450oC
                     - Particle size:              0.075 mm-4.75 mm (4 mesh-200 mesh)
            b) Chemical Features 



Water purification

Gas treatment


Gold refinery


Iodine number (mg/g)

900 -1100





CTC absorption (%)






Methylene Blue (Ml/g)

130 -180





Benzene (%)





(Standard Test method of JISK and ASTM) 

      1.4) Uniqueness and competiveness of the product
            As of now, Trabac Joint Stock Corporation is a largest producer of steam activated carbon, a high-end product tested by JIS and ASTM method. In home and foreign market, TRABACO win the customers’ confidence and non-stop improve the privilege of product quality. For this reason, TRABACO expand into some important market shares, gain competitive edge of product at the overseas market.
            Steam activated carbon is now mainly used for water purification and removal of organic substance dissolved in water. Due to high adsorption capacity, steam activated carbon is used for water treatment with the purposes of:
            + Removing of dirty substance: calibrated by gram unit of dirty substance or gram unit of COD retained in 1kg of steam activated carbon.
            + Cleaning stain of heavy metal dissolved in water
           + Cleaning dissolved organic substance, deodorizing odor and flavor, especially industrial waste water containing toxic organic fertilizer or high durable surface molecules preventing from biodegradable process
            + Water passing through steam activated carbon is the majority of dissolved organic molecules retained on the surface. In addition to sterilizing, steam activated carbon holds and nurtures bacteria which can degrade sponged organic substance and hold new ones.
            Steam activated carbon is also used for deodorizing, sterilizing poisons in the air due to pollution, anti-radioactive, anti-virus so as to bring the clean-up to the environment of hospital, school, office, dining room, restroom, etc.
     1.5) Other magic use of steam activated carbon
            *Electromagnetic radiation
             Steam activated carbon is always filled with electromagnetic field which is itself generated due to its strong absorption capacity. The molecules, ions, electrons exist in air (ionization process) held by the steam activated carbon’s absorbability form a special direction move of free electrons-“Electrons can move from this atom to another, from this object to another and cause the electronic phenomena.  It means that steam activated carbon generates electric current; where there is an electric current, there exists magnetic field and the more adjacent the magnetic field to steam activated carbon is, the stronger it will be.
           *Infrared radiation
            The clash of electron flow and molecules of steam activated carbon generates heat. This heat enables the infrared radiation (so-called near infrared ray-the radiant of objects around human upon heat impact) whose wavelength is of 0.05 mm.
          *Steam activated carbon for medical treatment and health improvement
            Medically, steam activated carbon is used for clinical treatment because it plays a part in drug Carbogast , a drug cures for gastritis and irritable bowel syndrome, Carbotrim used in the treatment of  diarrhea due to bacterial infecting and food poisoning, Carbotrim is also used for disease-infected preventing veil and anti-chemical mask.
            Steam activated carbon is used in bathing as a skin-whitening method, help prevent fatigue, ease nerve pain and stop fibromyalgia. That is because steam activated carbon absorbs dirty substance in water where infrared radiation exists. This radical ray goes through skin and arranges to improve blood circulation.
            TRABACO’s steam activated carbon is produced from the granular coconut shell charcoal by physical steam activation method at a high temperature of 8500 C-950 0C. The quality of product is under strict control during activation process by advanced automatic and semi-automatic facilities to meet different demand of customers.
            Under the steam impact at high temperature, steam activated carbon has a porous structure and large surface area formed through the activation process of inner hollow pores. Additionally, it has the high absorptive and retentive capacity of gases, liquid and other organic molecules. The natural hardness of grain ensures the high mechanic durability, low ash content, less loss of regeneration cycle and greater efficiency of use.
            Steam activated carbon is mainly used for gas and liquid absorption in industries of oil, chemistry, medicine, gold refinement, food processing, water purification, polluted air treatment, etc. Moreover, it has the effect of refinery, dissociation, deodorization, precious metal recovery, catalyst, protective mask, cigarette filtration and so forth.
            As well, it has a variety of multi-uses and considered as an indispensable material used for processing industries, hazard treatment and environmental protection, etc.
2) Models and Applications of Steam Activated Carbon
      2.1)  Granular steam activated carbon used for water treatment
      a. Used for filtration of soft drink, mineral water, beverages, bottled drinking water, etc.
                                 Model: TBW(TRABACO Water 1)
      b. Used for filtration of public water work, fisheries and so forth.
                                 Model: TBW2 (TRABACO Water 2)
      c. Used for treatment of industrial waste, municipal water, etc.
                                 Model: TBW3 (TRABACO Water 3)
     2.2)  Granular steam activated carbon used for industries (industrial gas treatment, toxic gas purification, preventive mask, polluted air and organic solvent recovery)
                                 Model: TBA (TRABACO Air)
     2.3)  Granular steam activated carbon used for deodorization in industrial food processing, chemistry, and process of feather, seafood, cigarette and refrigeration.
                                 Model: TBD (TRABACO Deodorizer)
      2.4) Granular steam activated carbon on used for gold refinement, electroplating industry, and precious metal recovery, etc.
                                 Model: TBG (TRABACO Gold)
2.5)  Activated carbon for decolorization (powder) used for the industry of sugar decolorization and other solutions, etc:                            Mode: TB/WPAC-01
                      *Specifications of TB/WPAC-01
                                    - Iodine number  : 1.100 mg/g min
                                    - Methylene Blue  : 200 ml/g min
                                    - Ash content       : 6% max
                                    - Moisture content: 8% max
                                  (Tested by JIS K 1474 method)
3) Size Categorization
            The absorptive characteristics are determined by size and size distribution (ranging from 4.76 mm to 0.250 mm). The smaller the size is, the more diffusive into the pores will be. On the other hand, steam activated carbon with the large surface area will increase the sucking pressure of gas and liquid molecules. The combination of force of gravity and atmospheric molecules will mainly influence on the adsorptive molecules of steam activated carbon’s surface.
         Standard Sizes
            Size 4 - 8   mesh        (2.38 – 4.75 mm)
            Size 6 - 12 mesh        (1.40 – 3.35 mm)
            Size 8 - 20 mesh        (0.85 – 2.38 mm)                    
            Size 8 - 30 mesh        (0.50 – 2.38 mm)                 
            Size 10 - 32 mesh       (0.50 –1.70 mm)
            Size 12 - 40 mesh       (0.35 –1.41 mm)
            Size 24 - 48 mesh      (0.30 – 0.71 mm)
            Size 30 - 60 mesh      (0.25 – 0.50 mm)
4) Trade-mark:

5) Transport-Storage:

            Steam activated carbon is suitable for any popular means of transportation.
            Steam activated carbon is stored in dried, ventilated and usual atmospheric temperature places.          
        Container capacity for steam activated carbon 


Types of bag

Container type

Numbers of bag

Net weight


25 kgs

20 ft


12,000 kgs


25 kgs

40 ft


24,000 kgs


500 kgs

20 ft


10,000 kgs


500 kgs

40 ft


22,000 kgs


 * In the same field of application, alternative grades can be used as per customer’s need.





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